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nothing in particular i guess lol
Just whatever I guess.
The only thing I ask is 
dont pressure me too hard pls
pls don't make it too complex
dont kill me aaa
and gimme some time im sorry im slow hhh

and note me if you got any more questionsss


Hey look at this custom box thing

idk what it's for or what to do with it but it's chill i guess


5 deviants said yes please
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THE Salad cram.
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United States
I like to play a lot of video games and drawing when I can.
if I had to describe myself in one word it would be "sorry"
I apologize for everything and constantly feel guilt. I don't know why. Personally I would rather receive a comment than a favorite because I want to improve.

some closer friends of mine here are
Hawkmask101 (my awkward tot)
ImaginativeGirlKirby (20 g sanic speed)
Enchanted-Sakura (super nice too)
IntenseShipping (boop)
Hajita (needs an adult)
PainterGoof (I'd hope)
Jm-3-02 (I think so lol) (also impossible to try and make fangirl)
(sorry if you count me as a friend and you're not here, I probably forgot how to spell your username lol)


Tagged by Hawkmask101 lil turd lol

Describe Your OC: My salad son Omega

1: their voice
Well. Whenever Justin Timberlake or Maroon 5 comes on the radio I can imagine Omega singing along (which can be kinda scary lmao) although I don't think he sounds like ya boi Justin. Not sure how to explain the way he sounds other than... "white guy" lol [no offense]

2: their smile
I mean??? Idk he just smiles? He smirks just a tad more often tho. I guess he isn't one to show his canines. (Humans just see it as another animalistic trait)

3: their greatest achievement
Getting the job he has at his age. (when he was younger) most monsters don't find success in business.

4: their insecurities
Mostly his past. Looking bad, being a 'monster' in general. Also people would think he had a Multiple Personality Disorder with Alpha and all.

5: their shortcomings
You'd think he's a good dood, but it wasn't always like that. Wishes he could've been. Also that he's a 'fun' guy to hang out with. Not really, nothing special going on all the time to talk about or do. Same with getting work done at the office. Sometimes he slacks off.

6: how they deal with grief
5-stages of grief. Tends to try and disbelieve for a bit, but when it snaps into him, oh boy. He feels like it's his fault, won't get any sleep from thinking about it, and boy, when he tries to go "I feel fine" to go back to work? You better believe there will be crying. Not even Danny knows what to do when this happens. This man becomes a train wreck that ALPHA won't even come out for. Syl helps him through the process if she can, though.

7: how they like to dress
Not a full-on suit and tie ALL the time. Used to wear different clothes as a kid that would hang off him a bit more, but now he likes stuff that's a tad more form-fitting. A good ol t-shirt and jeans work while he's at home.

8: what they like to eat
Pies are his cocaine, coffee makes up the rest of his narcotics lol. But salad, oh man. He likes to eat salad and other foods for people (who know he's still part plant) to ask if it's cannibalism. His response?
"Hey, kill or be killed, y'know?"

9: their theme?
Doesn't really have one. I bet you guys guessed 'Flowey's theme' or 'Omega Flowey's theme/hopes and dreams' but... he's different. Omega isn't an intimidating MONSTER, or a cute muderous sneaky backstabbing flower. He's just a weird guy that regrets being who he was and wants to change with the past behind him.
He doesn't really have a theme as of now.

10: their fashion sense
Like I said. Either work clothes, or something like a tee and some jeans. Plain, but there's a chance he'll wear a thin over shirt.

11: their family life
Not too close to mom and dad. He prefers not to consider Chara/Frisk a part of the family.
He's a bit different towards mom than Asgore.
Mom is like- he's more embarrassed around her. She's the kind of mom to show those old baby pictures and you're just like "can you not right now pls". It's also a bit overwhelming at times because of how Omega has changed, especially since the underground.
Dad is like- he's cool. But kinda ignorant? Like... the kind of dad to say "that's my boy!" And jab you in the side if he found out Omega started dating as a younger kid. Supportive and proud, but... a bit old fashioned and... corny. Eh.

12: their romantic life
Syl is his other half. Both are eerily forgiving and understanding. Omega could probably get sp00py with anyone else once, and she would 'understand'. Thing is, Omega doesn't have the heart to, especially without telling. There'll be a lot of sorry, but, she couldn't find it in herself to break it off with him. It's the same vice versa.
The two don't get sp00py all too often. Maybe on special occasions (anniversary, promotion, when ppl from the other side of the monitor tell him to, maybe a holiday idk) but that's about it.
Alpha usually comes out if they start to argue. Alpha is usually awkward and confused when this happens, dispite his aggressive tendencies.

13: their embarrassing memory from years ago
Not really embarrassing, but his past lives. He's ashamed of it. Also the first time being taught about stuff getting sp00py. It was just... really awkward. He knew how stuff kinda worked? But he was still innocent lmao. Monster schools don't really have sex ed. Poor guy. HE LITERALLY NEVER TOUCHED THE SOSOJ BECAUSE OF HIS CLAWS. they're too sharp. I don't think you want to slice the pepperoni like that lol

14: how they react to burning their tongue on food
Keeps eating

15: how they react to a brainfreeze

16: their dreams
Pie. Talking to Alpha. Parents. Childhood. Syl. Sp00p. Being at work where weird random crap happens, being in Beta's body, things like that. Not too odd most of the time.

17: their ambitions
Seeing the end of his life when the time comes. Getting to live his entire life, with all the people he's met, the people he's connected with, and getting to experience all the good and bad that comes with being a living, breathing thing. Getting to live his life with the people he loves. And being the better guy that people will remember. Being... himself.
Lowkey still fears that the time line could reset at any moment.

18: how they sleep
On his side normally. But sometimes on his back, mostly if he's sick. Maybe on the stomach as Femega. This is because Syl has tried something with her, and the b00b5 are fluffy. Actually kinda likes the way the soft fur feels lol. Syl does too.

19: their reaction to betrayal
Not really mad actually. He brings it on himself. Tries to hide it, but he would get kinda sad for a bit, try to forgive, and get over it.

20: their reaction to a mystery love letter
*shows Syl to laugh about with*

21: how they react to pain
Tries to hide it for a bit. Automatically assumes it's temporary, but if it lasts awhile, Syl is going to be the first to know. It takes a good bit of pain to get him to a doctor.

22: what they're like on two hours of sleep.
Bags under the eyes, kinda drowsy, PLENTY OF COFFEE AS LIFE SUPPORT.

23: how they act when they're sick
Kinda lazy. Syl spoils the crap out of him lol. But he doesn't fake it, so he really does need the attention. He can still try to get up on his own two feet, though.

24: what motivates them
Wanting to do something with his life and better himself with his friends and loved ones.

25: why you enjoy them
I... don't know. I feel like they're a cool guy, I guess. Sometimes I start to think he's probably the most thought out and original character of mine... but
None of my characters are original. I have no original or interesting ideas it feels like. Idk.
Omega has a good heart and good intentions. He's charismatic, easygoing, and someone... I would strive to be???
I'm just saying some bull idk


(Yall don't have to tho)


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Please don't feel pressured to donate, I'm sure other people have better uses for donations, but I won't tell you what to do with your points lol.

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